The competitive Exams Training Academy


Best platform for strong foundation,exposure, intensive preparation, thorough practice for ultimate success in JEE Mains, Advanced, NEET, NTSE, KVPV, olympiads and more.

Integrated syllabus, best course materials, CDF, Micro-Schedules, all developed by our expert R&D team will guide in managing time and to succeed.

A Dedicated dean to monitor the program and ensure it’s success.

Nationwide common test preparation and performance analysis to give students insights into how to improve their performance and increase their chance of success.

Special Features

  • Experienced Faculty from Andhra & New Delhi
  • Daily Assignments
  • Micro Schedule
  • Concept oriented teaching in all subjects
  • Vast & Research oriented study materials
  • Expert Counseling to build up confidence

Course Offered

  • Foundation program for Grades VI to X including Board, Olyimpiad and NTSE exam Preparation.
  • Two year program for IIT JEE Mains/ Advanced for Class XI students
  • One year program for IIT JEE Mains/ Advanced for class XII students.
  • Special IIT-JEE program for XII passed students
  • Two Year program for NEET (GradeXI)
  • One year program for NEET (Grade XII)
  • Special NEET program for XII passed students.