The school campus

The School’s design favors sense of community ad reflects a spirit of openness. Situated in a 2.3 acre site, the school is an independent institution with thoughtful amenities and facilities.

Class rooms

Well ventilated digital class rooms. 

Ready link to resources trough WI-FI, Ample light, ventilation and ergonomically designed seating arrangements to ensure learning as a pleasure for every student.

Flexible seating arrangements in classrooms for group activities and collaborative learning.


Despite the fact that the worldwide web has made inroads into the reading habits of children all over the globe, the indispensability of the book-reading practice can never be replaced. The well stocked library is a store house of ideas and the knowledge treasure.

Science Labs

Modern integrated lab for Physics, Chemistry and Biology with latest equipment.

Students from standard VI onward do experiments in groups with the supervision and encouragement of teachers. 

This helps them to build up their understanding of the fundamentals and concept development.

it labs

A 40 seated IT lab to make computers a child play from Std I with well designed curriculum to make children tech savvy from the beginning as it is the order of the day.


Extensive sporting fields alongside well-maintained grounds and gardens, private grounds, separate landscape courtyard.

Coaching is given under the guidance of expert coaches in the field.

Our students participate in various competitions at District, State & National levels winning several medals and giving them a great exposure.


Modern Transport arrangements.

Brand new vans & buses with Hi-Tech equipment manned by professional drivers, plying around 25 kms.

Child friendly construction

Blunt wall-edges.

Sidewalks with grass or sand.

Broad corridors and Safe electrical installations

Safe and Secure

Video Surveillance and Access control to provide complete safety across the campus

Dedicated kindergarten zone

Separate Kindergarten zone with child-friendly classrooms to help the first timers feel loved, valued, safe and secure.

clean environment

Energy, water conservation practices.

RO drinking water plants.

Green are for students to explore gardening.

Well maintained and hygienic restrooms.