In Pursuit of Academic Excellence

Academic study lies a the heart of Shivaani Vidhyaa Mandir. The management believes in giving every student an opportunity to make the most of their abilities through a combination of excellent teaching, an inspirational learning environment and by enabling students to take significant responsibility. Learning at SVM is a dynamic individual and group process aided by student and staff engagement. target setting, risk taking reflection and passion.

The school strives to provide a culture of intellectual curiosity, a supportive environment and a rounded education, rich in extracurricular activities and opportunities, which facilitates the acquisition of life skills and encourages both participation and individual excellence – both within and beyond the classroom.

Emphasis on stem subjects

The curriculum is strategically aligned to outline the essential knowledge and skills that all students need to get ready for college and careers. Highly interactive individualized math program, an inter-disciplinary approach to literacy, writing and social studies, financial basis and lab-driven study of sciences besides active engagement in practices of science. engineering and finance. Conceptual understanding over memorization of facts is stressed for relevance.


SVM recruits first-class qualified teachers who are known for their commitment and passion for teaching to bring out the best in every student. Investing heavily on their development the school sets high professional expectations.

parental involvement

At SVM we believe that parent involvement is an integral part of student achievement. Research has proved that children achieve more and develop positive attitudes, behaviors and attendance rates when parents are involved.

The school holds regular annual information meetings and parent-teacher interactions to address issues that concern the children and the school. Regular meetings gives parents a chance to learn about the child’s progress.